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Why Hot Stone Massage?

Massages are a beautiful way to quiet the body and the mind but what is it about adding heated rocks that can change the session entirely?

Hot stone massage is said to originate from India with roots in Ayurvedic medicine. Stones have been used for thousands of years among Native Americans as well as in the practice of traditional Chinese medicine. Hot stones have quickly grown in popularity, now a common technique used to promote relaxation, assist in pain relief and so much more.

Basalt rock river stones are commonly used for their smooth texture and ability to hold heat for an extended period of time. Sourced from the river beds of South America, these rocks are formed when lava cools and solidifies. Himalayan sea salt stones are another common stone used today and quickly making their way into the hands of therapists for their long list of benefits. Himalayan salt is naturally antibacterial and antimicrobial, removing bacteria from the skin.The beautiful pink himalayan stone contains 84 essential, naturally occurring minerals and when heated releases negative ions, helping to relieve inflammation and rid the body of toxins.

Before the session stones are placed in a warmer and heated to 130-145 degrees. Working from the outside in, the hot stones placed in key areas of the body increase blood flow to the application site. More blood flow means more oxygen. More oxygen means more healing nutrients to areas of tension, and areas of lactic acid build up. The comforting feeling of heat can be just that, comforting and calming, enhancing the session bringing you to a next level of relaxation.

For people struggling with chronic pain and tension due to stress, anxiety or various diseases such as fibromyalgia or arthritis, the helping hand of hot stones can have a tremendous impact on pain relief and sense of well being. By adding heat, the muscles are primed allowing for deeper manipulation of the tissues, which help individuals to get more out of their session. Not only do hot stones promote pain relief, they may also decrease muscle spasms and increase joint flexibility. By releasing the tension and resting the physical body, space is created for deeper relaxation and studies show it may even benefit those struggling with insomnia. Heat is not recommended for acute injuries, areas of inflammation, weakened skin or open wounds.

Stephanie McCutchin is a Licensed Massage Therapist and owner of Sakom Massage and Wellness. The word Sakom is inspired by the Menominee language and translates to extending peace to yourself and others. Creating a peaceful space for clients to relax, recharge, and recuperate is the main focus at Sakom. Stephanie’s practice is located in the historic Willow Tree Wellness center in the heart of Lodi, Wisconsin. The center is solely dedicated to professional healers who offer a variety of services. To learn more about massage and to book your appointment today call, 608-564-5330 or click here.

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