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Begin Again

Spring feels like a natural time of newness and growth, sunlit and energetic a time to begin again. 

On the mat we may fall out of a pose, we may engage in negative self-talk as we move through flow if something feels uncomfortable or out of reach. We create stories, talking ourselves out of all that is possible but as we recognise these moments we create opportunities to bring ourselves back to center. 

This is not only present on the yoga mat, but shows up in the day to day. How many times have you heard the voice in your head telling you that you are not strong enough, smart enough or that something is not within reach. Have you ever started to think about something that you were not happy about and the more you thought about it, the heavier it felt? The law of attraction says like attracts like, your thoughts hold powerful energy, the source is You. 

Baron Baptiste talks about beginning again in one of my most favorite books, Perfectly Imperfect, The Art and Soul of Yoga Practice. You don’t have to be a yogi to appreciate the wisdom shared. At the heart of Baptiste Yoga are three themes. The first theme is Be a Yes. Yes and no seem like such simple words but these words carry energy, they contain powerful vibrations that we can feel in the physical body. When you are a yes for something you are automatically a no for something else. If you are a yes for happy you are a no for sad, a yes for I can is an automatic no for I can’t. Yes opens up the world of possibilities, a beautiful energy shift. The second theme is Give Up What You Must. Kindly give up the stories, the distractions and allow yourself to feel what you feel in the present moment. The third theme is You Are Ready Now. You are ready for a fresh story that brings love, light and kindness. 

Just as we exercise the physical body we work the muscles of the mind each and every time that we shift away from negative self-talk, simply recognizing that we’ve fallen out of integrity with ourselves. 

Today I want to offer the practice of taking each and every moment, each and every breath as an opportunity to begin again. Tune into the loving energy within and around you, allow that to support you, allow yourself the loving space to begin again. 

Stephanie McCutchin is a Licensed Massage Therapist and owner of Sakom Massage and Wellness. The word Sakom is inspired by the Menominee language and translates to extending peace to yourself and others. Creating a peaceful space for clients to relax, recharge, and recuperate is the main focus at Sakom. Stephanie’s practice is located in the heart of Lodi, Wisconsin. To learn more about massage and to book your appointment today call, 608-564-5330 or click here.

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