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Sakom Massage ─ Helping You Meet Your Wellness Goals

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Hi, I’m Stephanie, owner of Sakom Massage & Wellness. I wanted to say hello, introduce myself, share what it was that brought me here today, and officially kick off the Sakom Massage and Wellness blog.

I am a new business owner and newly licensed in massage therapy but my passion to heal has been a lifelong calling. It was just over 10 years ago that I was eager to begin my journey in massage therapy but as a young mother of two, fear of the unknown prevailed. I did what I knew how to do, stayed where I was safe and able to provide for my family. I continued my career, growing with an amazing organization that I called home for over a decade, but it was time, time to listen to my heart and move forward with what is authentic to me. This was a beautiful a leap, a jump into the unknown paired with an invigorating feeling and a constant smile while thinking about the future – I am beyond proud to listen to me, making my dreams a priority.

Fascinated by the human body, I am dedicated to learning techniques to help my clients heal, reduce stress, and utilize alternative modalities to live their healthiest life and best of all, be a part of your path to wellness. Everyone has a different approach to meeting their health and wellness goals – their own unique roadmap if you will. My goal is to help my clients navigate their maps and create a place of peace and healing for them to benefit from during their journey.

Working with my hands and connecting the power of my energy to my physical self is an honor and a natural extension of my personal practice. When I’m working with my clients I truly feel at home. Connecting with my clients to help them reduce pain, inflammation, and stress, energizes me and inspires me to continue learning within the field of healing arts.

I plan to share information that my readers find interesting and helpful no matter where they are in their personal health and wellness journey. It’s my hope and intention that you’ll feel right at home here!

Stephanie McCutchin is a Licensed Massage Therapist and owner of Sakom Massage and Wellness. The word Sakom is inspired by the Menominee language and translates to extending peace to yourself and others. Creating a peaceful space for clients to relax, recharge, and recuperate is the main focus at Sakom. Stephanie’s practice is located in the historic Willow Tree Wellness center in the heart of Lodi, Wisconsin. The center is solely dedicated to professional healers who offer a variety of services. To learn more about massage and to book your appointment today call, 608-564-5330 or click here.

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